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Public Health

Chronic Disease Prevention Specialisation

Chronic disease is the major cause of health burden in developed countries and is increasingly becoming a major issue in developing countries. The Chronic Disease Prevention specialisation is designed for students with an interest in learning the principles and practicalities of developing programs to prevent disease and promote good health.

To qualify for the award of the Master of Public Health with a specialisation in Chronic Disease Prevention, students must successfully complete 72 credit points, including:

(a) 36 credit points of core units of study; and
(b) 30 credit points of elective units of study, with a minimum of 18 credit points from the Chronic Disease Prevention Specialisation units below.
(c) 6 credit points of capstone (or 12 credit points of Dissertation, or 12 credit points of Professional Practice, with a reduction in elective units; or 6 credit points of Special Project; or another equivalent unit of study).

Units of study Credit points Semester
Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
 6  S1
Public Health Nutrition Essentials
 6  S1
Alcohol and Drug Use and Health
 6  S1

Population Mental Health

 6  S1
Cancer Prevention and Control
 6  S2
Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Health
 6  S2
Public Health Program Evaluation
 6  S2
Tobacco Control in 21st Century
 6  S2
Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Prevention
 6  S2
MBHT5001 *
Diabetes Management
 6  S1
MBHT5003 *
Obesity and Prediabetes Prevention and Care
 6  S1

* NB. only one of these MBHT units can be used as part of the 18 credit points required for this Specialisation