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Public Health

Graduate Diploma in Public Health

Master of Public Health


Graduate Diploma in Public Health

Master of Public Health

Credit points required to complete



Time to complete full-time

1 year

1.5 years

Time to complete part-time

1 to 4 years

1.5 to 6 years


The Public Health program at the Sydney School of Public Health focuses on the prevention of illness and the promotion of health. Learning opportunities are aimed at developing the essential knowledge and required skills of practitioners in the practice of public health, including the effective management of community health problems to improve conditions and outcomes.

Course outcomes

The skills and knowledge you will acquire are in the areas of:

  • Research Methods - such as assessing the quality of research studies; using basic mortality and other data for descriptive purposes; and evaluating public health interventions and programs
  • Health Services - such as developing an understanding of public and private sector health care delivery; using various sources of information for forming health policy; and interpreting the role of governments in the delivery of health services
  • Public Health Practice - such as analysing social and cultural factors relating to public health problems; describing the principles of disease prevention and control across a population; and examining major public health strategies and their application.

Further information

The majority of core units of study are scheduled in Semester 1, and all core units will be offered face-to-face or in online mode. The core units provide basic health knowledge and skills in epidemiology, biostatistics, public health, qualitative health research, health promotion, health policy, health economics and public health ethics. Most electives are in Semester 2 of each year, and many are also available in online mode.

Assessment methods vary from unit to unit and include assignments, class exercises and, for some core units of study, examinations.

Please consult the School of Public Health website for more information.

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