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Master of Speech Language Pathology

Course Overview

The Master of Speech Language Pathology (MSLP) prepares you for professional practice as a speech pathologist, developing the skills to assess and treat people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures, and change lives by making it easier for people to communicate.

During this two-year degree, you will learn from leading experts in a curriculum that has been specifically designed to enable students to learn in a way that resembles the clinical practice of speech therapy. Case-based learning underpins this program and is complemented by extensive clinical placements which provide hands-on experience with real clients in a supervised environment.

To qualify for the award of Master of Speech Language Pathology candidates must complete a prescribed course of study of 96 credit points of core units.

Professional Accreditation

The Master of Speech Language Pathology is accredited by Speech Pathology Australia.

Accreditation qualifies graduates to work as speech pathologists in Australia.

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