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Sexual and Reproductive Health

Australia Awards Double Degree Program

The following double degree programs are for International or Australia Awards students only. Domestic students can apply to undertake the two separate degrees; one of the streams listed under Sexual and Reproductive Health plus a Master of Philosophy.

Master of Medicine (Sexual and Reproductive Health) and Master of Philosophy

Master of Science in Medicine (Sexual and Reproductive Health) and Master of Philosophy


Master of Medicine/MPhil

Master of Science in Medicine/MPhil


Available Pathways:

HIV and STIs,Psychosexual Therapy, Public Health, Reproductive Health and Fertility, No Pathway

Available Pathways:

HIV and STIs, Psychosexual Therapy, Public Health, Reproductive Health and Fertility, No Pathway

Degree Abbreviation



Credit points required to complete



Time to complete full-time

2 year

2 year

Double degrees

The Master of Medicine or Master of Science in Medicine, and Master of Philosophy double degrees are a coursework Master degree combined with a Master degree in research.

The coursework degree emphasises the importance of the clinical, laboratory, public health and behavioural aspects of Sexual and Reproductive Health. Candidates must complete the coursework component with a satisfactory result, before being allowed to proceed to the research component of the double degree. The research project is completed under the guidance of an allocated supervisor.

Places in the double degree program are offered to qualified applicants according to the admissions criteria see course rules. In exceptional circumstances the Dean may admit applicants without these qualifications who, in the opinion of the school, have qualifications and evidence of experience and achievement sufficient to successfully undertake the award.

Students enrolled in the double degree will be required to have a supervisor for their research degree and to submit a full research proposal for their Master of Philosophy by the end of the second semester of enrolment. In order to progress to the Master of Philosophy, students must complete the Master Coursework component with a weighted average mark of at least 65 percent across all 48 credit points of coursework units and enrol in the additional core units of study .

Students who have not submitted their thesis by the end of their first year of enrolment must re-enrol every semester, with the associated financial cost, until they submit their thesis.

In order to comply with Australia Awards scholarship requirements and meet the academic requirements of the double degree, students must complete 48 credit points of coursework for the coursework master's degree and the equivalent of at least one year full time for the Master of Philosophy by enrolling in 48 credit points of research units of study as shown in the following table.

Research units of study

Credit points

Semester 1

Medicine Research A


Medicine Research B


Semester 2

Medicine Research C


Medicine Research D