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About Sydney Pharmacy School

Welcome to the University of Sydney School of Pharmacy.

Our school has long been recognised as one of the leading centres for pharmacy education in Australia and enjoys an outstanding national and international reputation for research and innovation.

Our commitment is to provide our students with a well-rounded and professionally relevant pharmacy degree, placing them in high demand with employers and preparing them for a lifetime of learning. We achieve this through an up-to-date teaching curriculum structured around themes and learning outcomes that describe the knowledge, skills and attitudinal milestones to be achieved by students each year.

I would like to wish all our students, new and continuing, every success in their chosen degrees and future careers. I encourage all new students to engage fully in university and school life from the beginning of semester.

Enjoy your time here and above all use it well to make the most of the wonderful opportunities that studying at Sydney Pharmacy School provides.

Professor Andrew McLachlan AM
Head of School and Dean, Sydney Pharmacy School