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Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics

Graduate Diploma in Biostatistics

Master of Biostatistics


Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics

Graduate Diploma in Biostatistics

Master of Biostatistics

Credit points required to complete




Time to complete part-time

1 - 3 years

2 - 4 years

3 - 6 years


Biostatistics is the application of statistical techniques in health-related fields, including medicine and public health. Its foundation is the mathematics of variability. In recent times, the results of biostatistical research have become pivotal in improving health and reducing illness. Biostatisticians play essential roles in designing quantitative studies and other data collections, managing and analysing data, interpreting the results, and creating methods to solve research problems. These courses have been designed to provide advanced biostatistical training for a diverse range of students and are delivered by distance learning.

Course information

The program is delivered predominantly via distance learning (mainly electronically with some learning materials delivered by mail). It is taught by a group of senior academic biostatisticians based in universities around Australia.

The only units of study not available via distance learning are:

  • PUBH5215 Introductory Analysis of Linked Data
  • PUBH5312 Health Economic Evaluation
  • Biostatistics research projects (BSTA5020 and BSTA5021), for which students must be supervised by a biostatistician approved by the University of Sydney.

Assessment for most coursework subjects is by assignment only, although some units of study may have an exam.

It is recommended that students undertake no more than two units of study per semester. Students should contact the Program Director for advice on how best to structure their program of study, taking into account the prerequisites.

Students may apply for a waiver for one or more of BSTA5001, BSTA5002, PUBH5010/BSTA5011/CEPI5100, BSTA5023 depending on their previous studies. Students granted a waiver for these units of study must choose a unit from Part 3 of the 'Table of units of study: Biostatistics' to make up the required credit points.

Graduate diploma students, with no waivers, must complete all units of study from Part 2 of the table, except BSTA5009.


The Graduate Diploma in Biostatistics and the Master of Biostatistics are both accredited with the Statistical Society of Australia.

Further enquiries

Biostatistics Program Administrator
Phone: +61 2 9351 5994
Website: Master of Biostatistics