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Master of Exercise Physiology

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Exercise Physiology

Master of Exercise Physiology

Students must complete 72 credit points, including:
(i) 60 credit points of 5000-level core units of study
(ii) 6 credit points of 5000-level elective unit of study; and
(iii) 6 credit points of 5000-level capstone unit of study, to commence (2021)

5000-level units of study

Core units
Design and Implementation of Exercise
6      Semester 1
Assessment and the Exercise Physiologist
6    C EXSS5103
Semester 1
Exercise in Cardiometabolic Diseases
6    C EXSS5102
Semester 1
Exercise and Musculoskeletal Health 1
6    A Functional anatomy and biomechanics
Semester 1
Clinical Practice Unit 1
6    P EXSS5102
Intensive August
Semester 2
Exercise Physiology and Client Care
6      Semester 2
Exercise, Ageing and Neurological Health
6      Semester 2
Exercise and Musculoskeletal Health 2
6    P EXSS5104 Exercise and Musculoskeletal Health 1
Semester 2
New proposed units commencing 2021 - EXSS5202 Clinical Practice 2 & EXSS5203 Clinical Practice 3
Elective units
Sydney Health Students Abroad
Note: Department permission required for enrolment
Students interested in participating must obtain permission from their course director before enrolling in FHS Abroad.
Intensive December
Intensive June
New proposed units commencing 2021 - EXSS5204 Experience in Exercise Physiology

Capstone (2021)

New proposed unit commencing 2021 - EXSS5201 Exercise in Chronic and Complex Cases