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Translation Studies


Dr Wei Wang
Phone: + 61 2 9351 4938

Units of study
  • TRNS6902 Practical Translation
  • TRNS6904 Text Analysis and Translation
  • TRNS6906 Bicultural Comparison for Translators
  • TRNS7000 Translation Studies A
  • TRNS7001 Translation Studies B
Additional cores – approved Master candidates
  • TRNS6903 Advanced Practical Translation# (12 credit points)
  • TRNS6905 Translation Project*
  • TRNS6910 Translation Fieldwork*
  • ARTS7000 Academic Communication for Postgraduates
  • TRNS6901 Advanced Language Skills for Translators
  • EDPG5001 Language as Social Practice
  • EDPJ5024 English in Academic Settings
  • ENGL6946 Communication in Professional Contexts A
  • ENGL6962 Communication in Professional Contexts B
  • GCST5905 Identity Place and Culture
  • LNGS7001 Structure of English
  • LNGS7006 Crosscultural Communication
  • LNGS7101 Bilingualism
  • ARBC6911 Arabic for Advanced Studies 1
  • ARBC6912 Arabic for Advanced Studies 2
  • ARBC6915 Arabic Translation Advanced 1
  • ARBC6916 Arabic Translation Advanced 2

The Master's degree is undertaken over a minimum three full-time semesters. Candidates undertake eight core units of study. A typical Graduate Diploma candidate will complete three core units of study, TRNS 6906, TRNS 6902 and TRNS 6904, plus three elective units of study.
#Admission to TRNS6903 requires a minimum result of 70% in the prerequisite core unit of study, TRNS6902, or subject to department permission.
*Department permission required for these core units of study, which are available to Master of Translation Studies candidates only. Students should discuss their proposed project and fieldwork with the coordinator prior to enrolment.