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Professional Communication


Dr Jan Shaw
Phone: +61 2 9351 7413

Awards and Requirements
Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication

4 units of study = 24 credit points

Graduate Diploma in Professional Communication

6 units of study = 36 credit points

Master of Professional Communication

8 units of study = 48 credit points

Doctor of Arts and Doctor of Social Sciences

See: Research degree requirements

Candidates may choose to structure their course of study on pathways:

  1. Communication for Professional Contexts which focuses on communication skills and strategies applicable within professional and workplace contexts – in other words, matters of internal communication.
  2. Public Communication with a focus on communication issues which arise when considering an organisational or professional practice in relation to the community at large – in other words, communication which is externally focused.
  3. International Communication which considers an organisation or professional practice as a member of the international community.
Units of study
  • ENGL6946 Communication in Professional Contexts A
  • ENGL6962 Communication in Professional Contexts B
  • ENGL6912 Issues in Mass Communication
  • LNGS7002 Language, Society and Power

Pathway 1 – Communication for Professional Contexts

  • ARIN6902 Internet Cultures and Governance
  • ARTS7000 Academic Communication for Postgraduates
  • LNGS7004 Register and Genre in English

Pathway 2 – Public Communication

  • ARIN6912 Digital research and publishing
  • ARIN6914 Remixable Media
  • LNGS7274 Media Discourse
  • MECO6915 Writing Features: Narrative Journalism

Pathway 3 – International Communication

  • ARIN6901 Network Society
  • ASNS6906 Communicating in Asian Contexts
  • ASNS6908 Media Industries in East Asia
  • LNGS7001 Structure of English
  • LNGS7006 Cross-cultural Communication
  • LNGS7275 World Englishes
  • TRNS7000 Translation Studies A

All pathways

  • ARTS7000 Academic Communication for Postgraduates
  • ENGL6929 Dissertation Part 1*
  • ENGL6930 Dissertation Part 2*
  • ENGL6907 Essay (English)*

Core units of study: Graduate Certificate candidates should consult the Director to discuss a suitable program of study; Graduate Diploma candidates must complete three core units; Master's candidates must complete four core units.
*Department permission required. Available to Master of Professional Communication candidates only.