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Creative Writing


Associate Professor David Brooks
Phone: +61 2 9351 2569


Associate Professor Vanessa Smith
Phone: + 61 2 9351 2857

See also: English

Awards and Requirements
Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing

4 units of study = 24 credit points

Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing

6 units of study = 36 credit points

Master of Creative Writing

8 units of study = 48 credit points

Master of Letters

12 units of study = 72 credit points incl. a treatise

Master of Arts (Research)
Doctor of Arts

See: Research degree requirements

All candidates are required to submit a portfolio of 1500–3000 words of prose or 10–15 pages of poetry with their application.

Units of study
  • ENGL6901 Creative Writing: Fiction Workshop
  • ENGL6902 Creative Writing: Poetry Workshop
  • ENGL6903 Creative Writing: Screenwriting Workshop
  • ENGL6907 Essay (English)*
  • ENGL6908 Creative Writing: Supervised Project*
  • ENGL6929 Dissertation Part 1*
  • ENGL6930 Dissertation Part 2*
  • ENGL6935 Research Essay*
  • ENGL6936 Writers at Work: Fiction
  • ENGL6937 Major Movements in Contemporary Prose
  • ENGL6944 Writers at Work: Poetry
  • ENGL6945 Major Movements in Contemporary Poetry
  • ENGL6969 Writers at Work: Screenwriters
  • ENGL6984 Creative Non-Fiction Workshop
  • ENGL6986 Advanced Workshop: Poetry* (12 credit points)
  • ENGL6987 Advanced Workshop: Novel* (12 credit points)
  • ENGL6988 Advanced Workshop: Screenwriting* (12 credit points)
  • ICLS6901 Literary Comparison: History and Methods
  • ICLS6902 Comparative Studies and Literary Debates
  • MECO6915 Writing Features: Narrative Journalism
  • ARTS7000 Academic Communication for Postgraduates
Cores – Master of Letters
  • ENGL6027 Treatise Part 1* (12 credit points)
  • ENGL6028 Treatise Part 2* (12 credit points)

*Department permission required. The dissertation is available to Master of Creative Writing candidates only. The treatise is a compulsory component in the Master of Letters and may not be undertaken by candidates for other award courses. Please discuss your proposed topic for the dissertation or treatise with the postgraduate coordinator prior to enrolling in these units of study. The advanced workshops (12 credit points each) are available to candidates who have completed the prerequisite workshop units of study with outstanding results eg ENGL6902 is the prerequisite for ENGL6986.
MCW candidates must complete at least 6 units of study from the above list. Subject to department permission, candidates may enrol in 2 units of study from outside the list.