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Film Studies


Dr Richard Smith
Phone: + 61 2 9351 4208

Awards and Requirements
Graduate Certificate in Film Studies

4 units of study = 24 credit points

Graduate Diploma in Film Studies

6 units of study = 36 credit points

Master of Film Studies

8 units of study = 48 credit points

Units of study
  • ARHT6925 Cinematographic Performance
  • ARHT6930 Film Theory: Art, Industry, Culture
  • ARHT6939 The Documentary Film
  • USSC6919 American Film and Hollywood
  • ARHT6934 The Eighteenth Century: Art, Text, Film
  • ARHT6952 Modern & Contemporary Art & Aesthetics
  • ARHT6940 Editing the Moving Image (Summer Unit)
  • ARIN6903 Exploring Digital Cultures
  • ARIN6914 Remixable Media
  • ARTS7000 Academic Communication for Postgraduates
  • ASNS6905 Asian Popular Culture
  • ASNS6908 Media Industries in East Asia
  • ENGL6969 Writers at Work: Screenwriters
  • EUST6901 European Cinema & National Identities
  • GCST5905 Key Thinkers for Cultural studies
  • GOVT6336 Media Politics
  • MECO6906 Literary Journalism: History and Theory
  • MGRK7106 Greek Literature in Film
  • WMST6903 Gender, Media and Consumer Cultures
  • WMST6904 Modernism, Modernity and Modern Culture
  • ARHT6920 Dissertation Part 1*
  • ARHT6921 Dissertation Part 2*

Core units of study: Master candidates complete 4; Graduate Diploma candidates complete 3; Graduate Certificate candidates complete 2.
*Department permission required. Available to Master of Film Studies candidates only. Please discuss your proposed topic for the dissertation with the postgraduate coordinator prior to enrolling in these units of study.