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Asian Studies


Professor Adrian Vickers
Phone: +61 2 9351 2878

Units of study
  • ASNS6900 Contemporary Asian Societies
  • ASNS6903 Theory and Method in Asian Studies
  • ASNS6905 Asian Popular Culture
  • ASNS6906 Communicating in Asian Contexts
  • ASNS6908 Media Industries in East Asia
  • ASNS6091 Dissertation 1*
  • ASNS6092 Dissertation 2*
  • ASNS6097 Supervised Reading in Asian Studies 1*
  • ASNS6098 Supervised Reading in Asian Studies 2*
  • ASNS6010 Asian Language Acquisition 1
  • ASNS6011 Asian Language Acquisition 2
  • ASNS6910 Peace and Reconciliation in East Asia
  • ARTS7000 Academic Communication for Postgraduates
  • BDST6906 Foundations of Buddhist Studies
  • GOVT6136 Asia Pacific Politics
  • MECO6929 Chinese Media Studies in Global Contexts

*Department permission required – the dissertation is available to Master of Asian Studies candidates only. Please discuss your proposed topic for the dissertation with the postgraduate coordinator prior to enrolling in these units of study.