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Digital Cultures


Dr Chris Chesher
Phone: + 61 2 9036 6173

Awards and Requirements
Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication and Culture

4 units of study = 24 credit points

Graduate Diploma in Digital Communication and Culture

6 units of study = 36 credit points

Master of Digital Communication and Culture

8 units of study = 48 credit points

Master of Arts (Research)
Doctor of Arts and Doctor of Social Sciences

See: Research degree requirements

Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
Units of study
  • ARIN6912 Digital Research and Publishing
  • ARIN6902 Internet Cultures and Governance
  • ARIN6903 Exploring Digital Cultures
  • ARIN6914 Remixable Media
  • ARIN6901 Network Society
Digital Cultures Research Option

Students applying for admission to the research pathway stream in the Master of Digital Communication and Culture program should contact the Postgraduate coordinator with evidence of a capacity for conducting research, including an academic transcript with at least a high credit average, and a sample piece of writing of over 5000 words.

  • ARIN6911 Project in Digital Communications OR
  • ARIN6920 Dissertation Part 1* AND
  • ARIN6921 Dissertation Part 2*

* These 2 units are co-requisites. Students must enrol in both units.

Language and Culture elective stream

Students will choose the Language and Culture stream if their priority is to deepen their understanding of digital cultures and technological change by exploring the fields where new media practices intersect with the humanities.

  • MECO6900 News Writing
  • MECO6916 Editing and Manuscript Preparation
  • LNGS7109 Language and Identity
  • ENGL6946 Communication in Professional Contexts A
  • ENGL6962 Communication in Professional Contexts B
  • LNGS7006 Cross-Cultural Communication
  • ARHT6930 Film Theory: Art, Industry, Culture
Technology in Society stream

Students choose the Policy and Society stream to investigate social, ethical and political themes relating to information and media technologies in specific contexts of communication, education and the law.

  • MECO6902 Legal & Ethical Issues in Media Practice
  • SCLG6902 Doing Social Research
  • WMST6903 Gender, Media and Consumer Societies
  • MUSM7031 Information and Collection Management
Interactive Digital Arts stream

Enhance your skills and understanding of digital production framed within a Fine Arts paradigm. Students are expected to have familiarity with HTML and digital imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

  • MMDE5011 Media Practice Seminar 1
  • MMDE6001 History & Theory of New Media 1
  • MMDE6101 Animation for Interactive Media & Video
Digital Media Design stream

Students who want hands-on experience using digital media in the design traditions can take the Digital Media Design coursework stream.

  • IDEA9105 Human Computer Interaction
  • IDEA9106 Design Thinking
  • IDEA9205 Art, Technology and Culture
Information Technology stream

Understand information technology by taking units from the Graduate Diploma in Computing in the Graduate School of Engineering & Information Technologies. Students should have some background in mathematics and sciences.

  • COMP5211 Algorithms
  • COMP5213 Computer and Network Organisation
  • COMP5206 Introduction to Information Systems
  • COMP5214 Software Development in Java