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Applied Linguistics


Dr Ahmar Mahboob
Phone: +61 2 9351 3548

Awards and Requirements
Graduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics

4 units of study = 24 credit points

Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics

6 units of study = 36 credit points

Master of Applied Linguistics

8 units of study = 48 credit points

Master of Letters (Linguistics)

12 units of study = 72 credit points incl. a Treatise

Units of study
  • LNGS7004 Register and Genre in English
  • LNGS7102 Educational Linguistics
  • LNGS7272 Additional Language Learning:TESOL/SLT/LOTE
  • LNGS7301 Functional Grammar
  • LNGS7001 Structure of English
  • LNGS7002 Language, Society and Power
  • LNGS7006 Cross-Cultural Communication
  • LNGS7274 Media Discourse
  • LNGS7275 World Englishes
  • LNGS7521 Essay*
  • LNGS7528 Dissertation Part 1*
  • LNGS7529 Dissertation Part 2*
  • ARTS7000 Academic Communication for Postgraduates#
  • EDPJ5020 Literacy and Language Teaching
  • EDPJ5022 Research Methods in Language Learning
  • EDPJ5025 Bilingual Education
  • EDPJ5026 Language Testing and Assessment
  • TRNS7000 Translation Studies A
  • TRNS7001 Translation Studies B
Cores – Master of Letters
  • LNGS 6558 Treatise Part 1
  • LNGS 6559 Treatise Part 2

*Department permission required – the dissertation is available to Master of Applied Linguistics candidates only and the treatise is a compulsory component in the Master of Letters that may not be undertaken by candidates for other award courses. Please discuss your proposed topic for the dissertation or treatise with the postgraduate coordinator prior to enrolling in these units of study.
#Master of Applied Linguistics students should not enrol in ARTS 7000.

There is no mid year admission to the Applied Linguistics program.

See also: Linguistics, for research awards