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Crosscultural Communication


Professor William Foley
phone: + 61 2 9351 4569

Awards and Requirements
Master of Crosscultural Communication

8 units of study = 48 credit points

Units of study
  • LNGS7001 Structure of English
  • LNGS7002 Language, Society and Power
  • LNGS7006 Crosscultural Communication

Candidates may choose to structure their course of study on pathways:

Language, communication and translation
  • ASNS6906 Communicating in Asian Contexts
  • ENGL6962 Communication in Professional Contexts B
  • LNGS7275 World Englishes
  • LNGS7101 Bilingualism to Language Communication and Translation
  • TRNS7000 Translation Studies A
Communication in different media
  • ASNS6908 Media Industries in East Asia
  • LNGS7109 Language and Identity
  • LNGS7274 Media Discourse
Global communication
  • ECOP6130 Human Rights and International Development
Culture, religion and visual communication
  • ARIS6907 Islamic Worldview: Religion and Politics
  • EUST6901 European Cinema and National Identities
  • GCST5905 Identity, Place and Culture
Area studies (Arab World, Asia, Europe)
  • ARIS6902 Muslim Women: Realities and Challenges
  • ASNS6900 Contemporary Asian Societies
  • ASNS6905 Asian Popular Culture
Independent study offered in all pathways
  • LNGS7521 Essay*
  • LNGS7528 Dissertation Part 1*
  • LNGS7529 Dissertation Part 2*
All candidates may undertake
  • ARTS7000 Academic Communication for Postgraduates

*Department permission required. Please discuss your proposed topic for the dissertation or essay with the postgraduate coordinator prior to enrolling in these units of study.
Candidates may choose other elective units of study from the postgraduate program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, subject to approval.