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Table D - Dalyell Stream

Dalyell stream units

Students must be enrolled in the Dalyell stream to take Dalyell stream units.

Dalyell Scholars may take up to 12 credit points of Dalyell stream units in addition to their degree requirements.

Dalyell stream units emphasise the development of vision, depth of understanding, adaptability, breadth of perspective, societal contribution and a high level of capability in operating across disciplinary and cultural boundaries. Dalyell Scholars may take Dalyell stream units offered by any faculty.

Accelerated Enrolment and Enrichment units

Dalyell Scholars may also accelerate their enrolment within their core, program, major(s) or minor(s), and / or take enrichment units from outside of their discipline, in order to enhance the depth and breadth of their study.

Accelerated enrolment means you take units of study at a higher level earlier in your degrees. Accelerated units must come from within your core, program, major(s) or minors(s) and will act as substitutions for that degree component’s usual requirements. Students interested in accelerating their enrolment should contact their Dalyell Faculty Lead to discuss the opportunities available.

Enrichment units are a group of units of study that a Dalyell Scholar can take as an elective, either from within their own faculty or from a range of faculties across the University.

Enrichment units are available from:

  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Business School
  • Engineering
  • Medicine and Health; and
  • Science.

Dalyell Scholars can enrol in enrichment units through Sydney Student, and can take units at their own year level, or up to two years higher than their year level.

Dalyell Faculty Leads


Faculty or School

Dr Sandra Seno-Alday

The University of Sydney Business School

Dr Tina Hinton

Faculty of Medicine and Health

Dr Leigh-Anne Hepburn

The University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning

Dr Anne Rogerson

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Professor David Lowe

Faculty of Engineering

Dr Toby Hudson

Faculty of Science

Dr Katherine Owens

The University of Sydney Law School