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Applied Medical Science

Study in the Discipline of Applied Medical Science is offered by the School of Medical Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine and Health. Specific Applied Medical Science units of study are offered at the 3000- and 4000-level.

About the major

This major is available to students both inside and outside the Medical Science stream.

This major positions students at the intersection of science and medicine, giving them a fundamental understanding of human health and the mechanisms of diseases, their diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Graduates will be equipped with the insights and skills to understand ongoing scientific discoveries, and apply that knowledge to clinical situations.

The ability to apply theory to practice in medical science is essential for professionals addressing the major global health issues, such as mental health and neurodegenerative diseases, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, infections, cancer and auto-inflammatory disease. In this major you will learn the strategies by which medical science theory is translated into tangible health outcomes.

Through an understanding of fundamental medical science theory, you will learn the methods used to diagnose and treat human diseases, and how approaches to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human disease are developed and tested prior to implementation.

You will learn: the molecular basis of disease; how complex data generated in medical sciences are analysed, interpreted and communicated by the healthcare sector; how well-designed clinical trials can be used to test and verify the efficacy of new procedures and treatment options.

The majority of this learning and application will occur in the real world in our medical research and hospital environment: the translational research hub at The University of Sydney Westmead campus.

Requirements for completion

The Applied Medical Science major and minor requirements are listed in the Applied Medical Science unit of study table.

Contact and further information

Associate Professor Scott Byrne
T +61 2 9351 7308

Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate from Applied Medical Science will be able to:

  1. Exhibit a broad and coherent body of knowledge in applied medical science and diagnostic research.
  2. Exhibit an integrated knowledge of the processes by which discoveries in medical science become commercial products.
  3. Exhibit a broad understanding of the design of clinical trials and the important roles they play in the medical research enterprise.
  4. Source, collate, synthesise and critically evaluate information relating to human health and applied medical sciences from a range of relevant sources.
  5. Collate, analyse, describe, interpret and present primary research data in applied medical science.
  6. Communicate concepts and findings in applied medical sciences to diverse audiences through a range of modes for a variety of purposes and audiences, using evidence-based arguments that are robust to critique.
  7. Examine the role of scientific research in healthcare practice and society.
  8. Apply diagnostic techniques and data-gathering skills to address a diverse range of health-related problems.
  9. Evaluate complex scientific challenges relevant to improving human health and develop creative approaches to address these challenges.
  10. Develop creative and innovative approaches to problem solving in the field of applied medical science research and work effectively, responsibly and safely in individual and collaborative contexts.
  11. Describe the need for rigorous ethical, legal and biosafety assessments in medical research.
  12. Address authentic problems in applied medical science, working professionally and ethically, with consideration of cross-cultural perspectives, within collaborative, interdisciplinary teams.