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Table R For Higher Degree By Research

The University of Sydney introduced a new coursework requirement for Higher Degree by Research students commencing from Research Period 1 2021. Coursework is intended to give students the opportunity to take units of study that expand their existing skills or work toward developing novel capabilities that will complement their research and career development.

Fulfilling the coursework requirement

Most doctoral students will need to complete a minimum of 12 credit points of coursework within their first two years of candidature (full-time) and four years (part-time). Most Masters by Research students will need to complete a minimum of 6 credit points within their first year (full-time) or two years (part-time) of study.

Units of study that can be selected to fulfil the coursework requirement are listed in Table R. Units of study are listed by thematic category. Students can enrol in units of study in Sydney Student.

Degrees excluded from the coursework requirement

Nearly all PhD and Masters by Research degrees have a coursework requirement. However, some degrees have separate requirements as outlined in their course resolutions or inter-institutional agreements, so are excluded from the coursework requirement. For 2021, these are:

  • Master of Medicine / Master of Philosophy (Faculty of Medicine & Health)
  • Master of Science in Medicine / Master of Philosophy (Faculty of Science)
  • Master of Clinical Psychology / Doctor of Philosophy (Faculty of Science)
  • Master of Veterinary Studies (Clinical Residency Program) / Master of Veterinary Clinical Studies (Faculty of Science), and
  • Joint Doctor of Philosophy (Note: candidates in this degree may have to meet coursework requirements subject to the terms of the principal inter-institutional agreement and the student agreement).