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Industry and Community Projects

A key aspect of the undergraduate curriculum is to deliver opportunities for students to address authentic real-world issues.

To enable learning experiences, the University has partnered with a broad range of industry, community and government organisations both in Australia and Internationally. Working in multidisciplinary groups, with academic oversight, students research, analyse and present solutions to genuine problems set by the external partner.

About the Industry and Community Projects

Detailed information about specific projects offered and the enrolment and registration process can be found on the Current Student website.

About the units of study

Industry and Community Project units are open to all third-year students who meet the eligibility requirements and all fourth-year students in the Bachelor of Advanced Studies.

More information about how to enrol in Industry and Community Project Units of study can be found here.

Students interested in taking these units need to meet the criteria specified in their Faculty Handbook for the unit of study they intend to complete.