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About Honours and Advanced Coursework

Students undertaking the combined or standalone Bachelor of Advanced Studies can take 4000-level Honours or Advanced Coursework units of study. Comprehensive information about the Bachelor of Advanced Studies, its requirements and options can be found on the Advanced Studies tab.

Honours is available for meritorious students who have achieved criteria set outlined by the faculty or University school. Honours can prepare students for a higher degree by research, such as a Masters by Research degree or a PhD, and equip them with attributes for a range of careers. Students undertaking Honours complete a range of specialist units of study including a self-directed Honours research project. Students interested in Honours should check how to apply for the criteria and steps involved on the Current Students' website. The units of study available for Advanced Coursework and Honours are listed by subject area in: Table S Areas A-C; Table S Areas D-H; Table S Areas I-O and Table S Areas P-Z.

Advanced Coursework are 4000-level units that provide students with a greater intellectual challenge in the range of subject areas found in Table S (the Shared Pool of majors or minors). They can be taken by any student in the combined or standalone Bachelor of Advanced Studies in areas in the Table A Business, Table A Humanities, Table A Science, Table A Social Sciences or Table S 4000-level electives units.