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Study in the Discipline of Physiology is offered by the Sydney Medical School and is the focus of teaching and research in the physiological sciences at The University of Sydney. Units of study in this major are available at standard and advanced level.

Programme structure and content

The Discipline of Physiology provides introductory general Intermediate units of study and for those wishing to major in the subject through in-depth Senior units of study. These Senior units in semester 1 include Neuroscience and Human Cellular Physiology and in semester 2 Heart and Circulation as well as further related study in Neuroscience units.

First year planning for a Physiology major

Essential: 6 credit points of Junior Chemistry and 30 credit points of Junior study from the areas of MATH, BIOL, PSYC, CHEM and PHYS.
Recommended: 12 credit points of Junior Mathematics units and 6 credit points of MBLG1001/1901.

Requirements for a major

For a major in Physics, the minimum requirement is 24 credit points from the senior units of study listed in this subject area listed in Table 1.


After completion of the requirements for a pass Bachelor of Science or Bachelor Medical Science, a good student who has majored in Physiology may be permitted to undertake a fourth or 'Honours' year. In some cases students may also be permitted who have completed undergraduate subjects outside those offered by the Department of Physiology but deemed suited to particular research programs

Contact and further information

Dr Stephen Assinder

Phone: +61 2 9036 3614.