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Faculty Policies

Important policies relating to undergraduate candidature


For all junior, intermediate and senior units of study in the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science and Technology, Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Bachelor of Psychology degrees, the following mark ranges apply within the Faculty of Science:





High Distinction

85 – 100



75 – 84



65 – 74



50 – 64



Below 50


Absent Fail



Discontinued – Fail



Discontinued – not to count as failure

Special Arrangements

Students who are experiencing difficulty in meeting their assessment requirements due to competing essential community commitments may apply for Special Arrangements for examination and assessment.

More information can be found at:

Special Consideration

Students who have a serious illness or who have experienced misadventure which may affect their academic performance in a course or unit of study may request that they be given Special Consideration in relation to the determination of their results.

More information can be found at:

Code of Conduct for Students

The University has clear expectations of students in respect of academic matters and personal behaviour.

For more information see Student Code of Conduct

Student Plagiarism: coursework Policy and Procedure

The University of Sydney expects high standards of academic honesty in all student work. In particular, the University is opposed to and will not tolerate plagiarism.

For more information see Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism in Coursework Policy 2012

Faculty of Science intervention and support strategies

The Faculty of Science has always been concerned to develop policies that promote the welfare and well-being of its students. A number of University and faculty rules and policies require the faculty to intervene and support students who may be at risk of not meeting progression requirements. These policies are:

An intervention is an action taken in relation to an individual student by the faculty in applying policies that deal with satisfactory progress. An intervention can take a number of forms, but is typically a referral to particular student support services or a direction in relation to a student's studies.

A support strategy is a plan or process to assist an individual student or group of students within the faculty to better achieve academic success.

All students should take advantage of the Faculty's support strategies and the University's student support services. Do not wait until you are in severe difficulties to seek assistance!

The Faculty has a number of strategies and intervention possibilities in place. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Making available information on degree requirements in the Faculty of Science
The faculty handbook is published annually at

Handbook archives are available at

Provision of specialist administrative staff
Administrative staff are available at the Faculty of Science office counter and by email and by telephone to assist with queries relating to degree requirements and other administrative matters. For opening times and contact details, see

Faculty of Science transition workshop
To enable new first year undergraduate students to study effectively and enjoy a positive student experience, the Faculty of Science offers a transition workshop each year. Workshops are held prior to the commencement of the academic year. Details on registration are available at enrolment sites or on the faculty web page at enrolment periods.

Faculty of Science website
The faculty's website is specifically for students enrolled in the Faculty of Science, and contains relevant information on degree requirements and many other things.

Implementing progression requirements

  • The faculty administers progression requirements for undergraduate specialist degrees on an annual basis in accordance with degree resolutions. Students who do not meet the progression requirements will be notified after second semester results become available that they have not fulfilled satisfactory progression requirements. Students will be notified of the intervention to be implemented.
  • The faculty administers progression requirements for postgraduate coursework degrees on a semester basis. Students who do not meet the progression requirements will be notified after semester results become available that they have not fulfilled satisfactory progression requirements. Students will be notified of the intervention to be implemented.
  • The faculty administers the University's Progression Policy on a semester by semester basis. Students are notified in accordance with the progression policy.
  • The faculty has a staff member dedicated to administration for international student candidatures. The International Student Adviser works closely with the International Student Office to facilitate compliance with the ESOS code.

Interventions are made with regard to the particular policy or rule being applied. Interventions include:

  • completion of a back on track survey by students in accordance with the Progression Policy
  • requirement to attend at an information session to raise awareness of student services
  • a referral to attend particular student services
  • an interview with the Associate Dean or other course adviser
  • recommendations on study patterns
  • recommendation on suspension or withdrawal from study

Where a student has failed to make satisfactory progress as required, subsequent interventions include:

  • transfer to a more appropriate degree program as provided in degree resolutions or as recommended by an Associate Dean
  • transfer to a more appropriate stream in a degree as provided in degree resolutions or as recommended by an Associate Dean
  • direction to move from full-time to part-time enrolment
  • direction to suspend studies for a period
  • mandatory attendance at specified Learning Centre courses
  • case management on an individual student basis
  • exclusion for a specified period from a degree.

Support Strategies
The faculty supports students by:

  • making information on degree requirements easily available
  • making information on University student support services easily available
  • offering a Transition Workshop
  • offering the Talented Student Program to support the development of talented Science students
  • providing specialist administrative staff to advise on faculty policy and procedures
  • providing individual consultations, by appointment, with Associate Deans

The Schools within the Faculty of Science support students through:

  • issuing unit of study outlines detailing requirements and learning outcomes
  • making available specialist administrative staff to advise on School policy and procedures
  • making available specialist academic advisers to advise on academic matters within the School