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Anatomy and Histology

Study in the Discipline of Anatomy and Histology is offered by the Sydney Medical School. Units of study in this major are available at standard and advanced level.

Programme structure and content

The Discipline of Anatomy and Histology teaches topographical and neuroanatomy, histology and cell biology, developmental biology and physical anthropology to students in the Faculties of Science, Medicine and Dentistry. The Discipline offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and carries out extensive biomedical research.

First year planning for a Anatomy and Histology major

Essential: 12 credit points of Junior Biology or 12 credit points of Junior Psychology.

Requirements for a major

For a major in Anatomy and Histology, the minimum requirement is 24 credit points from any ANAT, HSTO, EMHU or NEUR Senior units of study.


Taking an Honours degree provides the opportunity for students to do research on a project supervised by a member of staff. Assessment is based on a thesis summarising the results of the year's research, along with additional studies. To qualify for admission to Honours year, the student must obtain an appropriate standard in Senior Anatomy or Histology or Neuroscience.

Honours contact

Associate Professor Frank Lovicu

Phone: +61 2 9351 5170

Contact and further information


Phone: +61 2 9351 2497
Anderson Stuart Building F13
University of Sydney
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