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The Discipline of Microbiology is part of the School of Molecular Bioscience. Units of study in this major are available at standard and advanced level.

Programme structure and content

The discipline of Microbiology in the School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences offers units of study that equip students for a career in Microbiology in fields of health, industry and basic research. In addition, it provides introductory units of study to students of agriculture, pharmacy and science.

These units of study will help students who wish to specialise in related fields where microorganisms are often used in studying life processes, e.g. biochemistry, genetics and botany.

First year planning for a Microbiology major

Essential: 6 credit points of Junior BIOL, MBLG1001/1901 and 6 credit points of Junior Chemistry.

Requirements for a major

For a major in Microbiology, the minimum requirement is 24 credit points of Senior units of study comprising:
(i) MICR3032/3932 and MICR3042/3942 AND
(ii) 12 credit points from Senior units of study listed in Table 1: Microbiology


An Honours programme of study designed for those wishing to enter research or to undertake work leading to a higher degree is conducted in the fourth year. The program runs from early February until mid-November. It provides the opportunity for laboratory research on a project supervised by a staff member, culminating in the production of a research thesis. During the year each student is also required to undertake a coursework programme that involves tutorials and an exam based on the critical evaluation of scientific manuscripts. Assessment of the year's work is based largely on the student's performance on the research project, and a written report on that project.

The School of Molecular Bioscience offers Honours in Biochemistry and Microbiology. Please note that acceptance into the Honours programme is dependent on satisfying the requirements of the Faculty of Science and the School. It is important that you contact potential supervisors prior to applying for admission into Honours.

Honours contact

Dr Tim Newsome
Email: .au
Phone: +61 2 9351 2907

Contact and further information

Dan Haggard

Phone: +61 2 9036 5417

Maddie McMahon
Phone: +61 2 9036 5416

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