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Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Robotics and Intelligent Systems

The Robotics and Intelligent Systems specialisation delves deeply into the fields of robotics and intelligent systems and will provide you with a deep insight into how these systems are built and operated, and their societal impact.

It will provide you with opportunities to explore the areas of control, mechatronic systems development, programming, digital systems as well as computer vision, robotics, machine learning, sensors and intelligent systems.

You will also get hands-on experiences developing robotic and intelligent systems that complement the technical skills learnt.

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Students complete 24 credit points to achieve this specialisation.
Students complete 24 credit points from the following:
Experimental Robotics
6    A Knowledge of statics and dynamics, rotation matrices, programming and some electronic and mechanical design experience is assumed.
P (AMME3500 OR AMME9501 OR AMME8501) AND (MTRX3700 OR MTRX3760)
Semester 1
Computer Vision and Image Processing
6    A The unit assumes that students have strong skills in either MATLAB or Python.
P 30cp of any 3000 or higher level Engineering units of study AND (ENGG1801 OR ENGG1810 OR INFO1110 OR INFO1910)
Semester 2
Advanced Control and Optimisation
6    A Strong understanding of feedback control systems, specifically in the area of system modelling and control design in the frequency domain.
P AMME3500 OR AMME9501 or AMME8501
Semester 1
Sensors and Signals
6    A Strong MATLAB skills
P MTRX3700 or MTRX3760
N MECH4720
Semester 2
Units taken for the specialisation will also count toward requirements of the Mechatronic stream.