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Environmental Fluids

Environmental Fluids

The Environmental Fluids specialisation explores areas relating to environmental solutions to man-made problems, ocean and coastal engineering, water resources and hydrology and environmental geotechnics.

Environmental engineers are concerned with protecting the environment by assessing the impact a project has on the air, water, soil and noise levels in its vicinity. They define and document long term problems that may be caused by accidents, such as oil spills.

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Environmental Fluids

Students complete 18 credit points to achieve this specialisation.
Students complete 18 credit points from the following:
6    A (ENGG1802 OR CIVL1802) AND CIVL3612 AND MATH2061
P CIVL2611

The unit of study builds on the theory and concepts learnt in CIVL2611 Introductory Fluid Mechanics and CIVL3612 Fluid Mechanics.
Semester 2
Geoenvironmental Engineering
6      Semester 2
Fundamentals of Wind Engineering for Design
6      Semester 1
Reservoir, Stream and Coastal Engineering
6    A (CIVL3612 OR CIVL9612) AND MATH2061
Semester 1
Advanced Research and Analysis
6    A (CIVL2201 OR CIVL9201) AND (CIVL2611 OR CIVL9611) AND (CIVL2410 OR CIVL9410)
Semester 1
Units taken for the specialisation will also count toward requirements of the Civil stream.