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Food and Bioprocessing

Food and Bioprocessing

The Food and Bioprocessing specialisation will allow you to deepen your knowledge of bioreactors, bio-commodities, pharmaceuticals, food process design, food product creation, food quality, food safety and food industry innovation.

The specialisation explores a range of new and emerging technologies in processing, extraction technologies used in the production of food and bioproducts, and the application of bioprocesses.

You will also learn how to select, adapt, and evaluate food and bioprocessing options.

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Food and Bioprocessing

Students complete 24 credit points to achieve this specialisation.
Students complete 12 credit points from the following:
Cellular Biophysics
6      Semester 2
Advanced Food Processing
6    A Knowledge of fluid mechanics and mathematics at a level typical of an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. Assumed knowledge is equivalent to CHNG2801 (or AMME2261 or AMME2200 or CIVL2611 or CIVL3612 or CIVL9612) AND CHNG2802 (or AMME2000 or MATH2021 or MATH2061 or MATH2921). This unit is for postgraduate students and also is offered as an elective for fourth year undergraduate students.

This unit of study is for Masters students and can be selected as an elective by 4th year students.
Semester 2
Exponential and Emerging Technologies
6    A Minimum 24 credit points of 3000 level units
Semester 2
Students complete 12 credit points from the following:
Engineering Macromolecules and Nanocomposites
6    A CHNG2801 and 12 cp of CHEM1XXX
Semester 1
Bio-Products: Laboratory to Marketplace

This unit is for Master degree students and also is offered as an elective for fourth year students.
Semester 2
Food Processing and Value Adding
6    A 6cp of (BIOL1XXX or MBLG1XXX) and 6cp of CHEM1XXX
P Completion of 72 credit points of units of study
N AGEN3004

This unit needs to be available as a non-award course so that students seeking admission to the MND have an option to fulfil the 6 cp Food Science prerequisite, if their previous study does not fulfil this requirement already.
Semester 1
Units taken for the specialisation will also count toward requirements of the Chemical and Biomolecular stream.