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Bachelor of Advanced Computing

Course Overview

The Bachelor of Advanced Computing is designed with your computing career in mind. You will develop practical and theoretical skills across the computing, information technology and business transformation industries. In Australia's most innovative IT course, you can combine your passion for computing with a choice of more than 100 cross-disciplinary majors as you cultivate specialist industry knowledge and computing expertise.

As an advanced computing student, you will learn from leaders in the field. First year covers the core skills required to become an IT professional before you specialise in a major that aligns with your preferred career pathway: computer science, information systems, software development or computational data science.

The computer science major will foster your ability to create and use the latest computer technology, while the information systems major applies this computing technology to devising and managing innovative business solutions. The software development major focuses on the design of new software systems and the computational data science major will develop your ability to draw meaningful knowledge from data to drive decision making. You can combine your computing skills with a second major from over 100 study areas including music, commerce, science and the arts, and develop the well-rounded perspective highly valued by employers. You have the choice to graduate after three years with the Bachelor of Computing or continue to complete advanced professional and research skills in your fourth year.

Course Requirements

To meet the requirements of the Bachelor of Advanced Computing, a candidate must successfully complete 192 credit points, comprising:

  1. 96 credit points of degree core units of study
  2. A major (48 credit points) chosen from the list of approved majors specified in Table A
  3. At least 12 credit points of 4000-level or higher electives
  4. (Optionally) up to 12 credit points of units of study in the Open Learning Environment as listed in Table O in the Shared Pool for Undergraduate Degrees
  5. (Optionally) a minor (36 credit points) or second major (48 credit points) from Table S
  6. Where appropriate, additional elective units from the Bachelor of Advanced Computing Table A or Table S in the Shared Pool for Undergraduate Degrees

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