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Water and Environmental Treatment Processes

The Water and Environmental Treatment Processes specialisation will provide you with an opportunity to engage with two important global challenges: the provision of safe drinking water, and the management of urban and industrial pollution.

While exploring a range of new and emerging technologies in water purification and resource recovery, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the water and waste treatment issues in a number of key industries and learn how to select, adapt, evaluate and justify particular treatment options.

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Water and Environmental Treatment Processes

Students complete 24 credit points to achieve this specialisation.
Students complete 12 credit points from the following:
Advanced Wastewater Engineering
6    A General knowledge of wastewater treatment and the range of technologies currently used (equivalent to CHNG5005) OR the principles of biochemical engineering and their application in engineering (equivalent to CHNG3804).
Semester 2
Digital Circular Economy
6      Semester 1
Advanced Membrane Engineering
6    A The physics and electrochemistry of synthetic and cellular membranes. Knowledge of membrane manufacture, membrane separation processes and membrane characterisation and monitoring. Assumed knowledge is equivalent to CHNG5601.
Semester 2
Students complete 12 credit points from the following:
Wastewater Engineering
6    A Knowledge of mass and energy balances, mathematics, process design, biochemical processes, and particle mechanics at a level typical of an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. Assumed knowledge is equivalent to material covered in CHNG1103 AND CHNG2801 AND CHNG2802 AND CHNG3803 AND CHNG3804 AND CHNG3805.
Semester 1
Membrane Science
6      Semester 1
Units taken for the specialisation will also count toward requirements of the Chemical and Biomolecular stream.