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Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies)

Course overview

The Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) is a three-year pre-registration course accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. This course addresses all of the essential criteria for registration as a beginning practitioner, in most areas in which graduates may wish to practice.

Clinical placements

Pre-registration nursing courses involve significant participation in off-campus clinical placements and students are required to complete more than 800 clinical hours during their degree.

Students must be available to complete full-time weeks of shift work throughout university holiday periods in order to complete their clinical placements.

Important information to prepare for clinical placements:


The Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) consists of 144 credit points (24 units of study, each worth six credit points). In terms of workload, most six credit point units of study consist of attendance at lectures, tutorials and/or laboratory sessions on a regular basis. There are also pre-reading and assessment items equating to approximately 10 hours per week.