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Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology)

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology)

Students complete 192 credit points of units of study, including:
(a) 156 credit points of core units of study listed in the sequence below
(b) 6 credit points of selective units of study. Availability of selectives may vary from year to year.
(c) Optionally, up to 12 credit points of units of study in the Open Learning Environment as listed in Table O in the Interdisciplinary Studies handbook
(d) Additional elective units of study as required, chosen from the:
(i) Selective units listed below
(ii) the Health Sciences Undergraduate Electives Table, or
(iii) from the list of Tables S Electives in the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook
The pass course:
(a) is full-time only over 4 years study
Year 1 - core units
Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology
6      Semester 1
Introduction to Exercise Science
6    C EXSS1036
Semester 1
Functional Musculoskeletal Anatomy A

Semester 1 Unit Coordinators are Dr Cliffton Chan and A/Prof Leslie Nicholson, Semester 2 unit coordinator is Dr Joanna Diong
Semester 1
Semester 2
Functional Musculoskeletal Anatomy B
6    P BIOS1168
Semester 1
Semester 2
Body Systems: Structure and Function
6    N BMED2403 or PHSI2005 or PHSI2006
Semester 1
Semester 2
Principles of Biomechanics
6      Semester 2
Year 2 - core units
Anatomical Analysis of Exercise
6    P BIOS1168 and BIOS1169
Semester 2
Units of study offered from 2021. EXSS2XXX Movement Analysis, EXSS2XXX Exercise Training:Physiology and Biochemistry, EXSS2XXX Psychology of Exercise & Physical Activity, EXSS2XXX Exercise Delivery & EXSS2XXX Personalised Exercise Prescription
Year 3 - core units
Motor Control and Learning
6    P Completion of 48 credit points
N EXSS2025
Semester 1
Semester 2
Units of study offered from 2022. EXSS3XXX Physical Activity and Society, EXSS3XXX Practicum in Exercise Science 1, EXSS3XXX Nutrition for Exercise and Health, EXSS3XXX Fundamental Musculoskeletal, EXSS3XXX Practicum in Exercise Science 2, EXSS3XXX Exercise Physiology in Clinical Cases 1.
Year 4 - core units
Units of study offered from 2023. EXSS4XXX Exercise Physiology in Clinical Cases 2, EXSS3XXX Exercise Physiology in Clinical Cases 3, EXSS4XXX Advanced Musculoskeletal, EXSS4XXX Clinical Practice Unit A, EXSS4XXX Clinical Practice Unit B, EXSS4XXX Clinical Practice Unit C & EXSS4XXX Professional Reflections in Exercise Physiology.
Selectives units of study
Introduction to Body Composition Methods
6      Semester 1
Introduction to Strength and Conditioning
6      Semester 2
Physiological Testing and Training
6    P EXSS2022
Semester 2
Management, Marketing and the Law
6      Semester 2
Workplace Injury Prevention/Management
6    P 48 credit points and (BIOS1168 and EXSS1018)
Semester 1
Physical Activity and Population Health
6    P 48 credit points of units
Semester 1
Environmental Stress and Physiological Strain
6    P EXSS1032 or EXSS2027 or BIOS1170
Semester 1
Units of study offered from 2021. EXSS1XXX Fundamentals of Bioenergetics, EXSS2XXX Health Care Professional Skills, EXSS2XXX The body clock and athletic performance, EXSS3XXX Exercise and Cancer, EXSS3XXX Body Composition in Health and Disease, EXSS3XXX Strength & Conditioning for Elite Sports Performance & EXSS3XXX High Performance Sport.