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Bachelor of Science (Health) / Master of Nursing

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Bachelor of Science (Health)/Master of Nursing

The combined degrees consist of a total of 192 credit points comprising:
1) 96 credit points toward the Bachelor of Science (Health)
2) 96 credit points for the Master of Nursing.
Details of the units and the order in which they must be taken are provided in the unit of study table. For units of study relating to the Health stream component, please refer to the Science Undergraduate handbook.

Year 1

12 credit points of 1000 level units and 6 credit points of 1000 level stream core unit from the Health Stream in Table A (refer to the Faculty of Science handbook) and the following core units:
Introduction to Health and Health Care
6    N HSBH1006 or HSBH1008 or HSBH1009
Semester 1
Psychology 1002

This unit is also offered in the Sydney Summer School. For more information consult the web site:
Semester 2
Summer Main
Society and Health
6      Semester 2

Year 2

A 2000 level elective from Table A or Table S Shared Pool (please refer to the Faculty of Science handbook) and the following core units:
The Body, Its Function and Pharmacology
6      Semester 1
Introduction to Nursing Practice
6      Semester 1
Research Methods in Health
6    P ((HSBH1006 AND HSBH1009) OR HSBH1012) AND (HSBH1008 OR HSBH1013)
N BACH2140 or HSBH1007
Semester 1
Illness, Experience and Nursing Care
6    P NURS5081 and NURS5042 or NURS5083
Semester 2
Understand Health and Managing Disease
6    P NURS5042 or NURS5083
Semester 2
Innovations in eHealth
6    A HSBH1012, HSBH1013
P 48 credit points
N HSBH1010
Semester 2

Year 3

12 credit points of 3000-level Health units as set out in the Health Stream in Table A of the Faculty of Science handbook and the following core Nursing units:
Social Contexts of Health
6      Semester 1
Developing Nursing Practice
6    C NURS5081
Semester 1
Nursing the Acutely Ill Person
6    P NURS5082 and NURS5081
Semester 2
Mental Health Nursing Practice
6    C NURS5084
Semester 2

Year 4

Care and Chronic Conditions
6    P NURS5084 and NURS5085 and NURS5082 and (NURS5043 or NURS5086)
Semester 1
High Acuity Nursing
6    P NURS5082 and NURS5084 and (NURS5042 or NURS5083) and (NURS5043 or NURS5086)
Semester 1
Leadership and Collaborative Practice
6      Semester 1
Health of Indigenous Populations (MN)
6    P NURS5002
Semester 1
Community Health Nursing
6    P NURS6018 and NURS6019
Semester 2
Australian Health Care - Global Context
6      Semester 2
Research and Evidence
6    P NURS5002 and NURS5006
Semester 2
Professional Practice (MN)
6    P NURS5085 and (NURS5043 or NURS5086) and NURS6018 and NURS6019
C NURS6022
Semester 2