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Double Degree in Dentistry

Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Dental Medicine

  Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Dental Medicine
Degree Abbreviation BSc/DMD
Credit points required to complete 336
Time to complete full-time 7 years

Double Degree Dentistry

Duration: approved undergraduate degree duration plus four years full-time postgraduate Doctor of Dental Medicine

Admission criteria

Applicants are only eligible for admission to the first available course intake following receipt of their final results. Applicants are ineligible for admission to the course in subsequent years. The basic admission criteria for applicants are:

  • an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) or equivalent (see more information)
  • an assessment process, which includes a written assessment and a panel discussion session

Places available

Up to 30 domestic and 10 international places may be offered each year.

Up to 5 additional places may be offered each year to applicants who identify as Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Once the approved undergraduate degree is completed, students enter the Doctor of Dental Medicine and are subject to the normal Doctor of Dental Medicine progression requirements.

Areas of study and progression

In the first three years of study students will undertake studies in their first chosen area (Science).

In order to progress to the Doctor of Dental Medicine, students need to meet all progression requirements (including satisfactorily completing a zero credit point unit of study in Dentistry) during the first degree studies, as specified under the Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Dental Medicine course rules.

The zero credit point subject includes: independent learning activities related to dentistry and oral health selected in consultation with the course coordinator; meetings with the course coordinator each year of enrolment to reflect on personal and professional development; and other elective opportunities in Indigenous and Community health.

Prior to commencing their Doctor of Dental Medicine, students are required to comply with Sydney Dental School student requirements for entering NSW Health facilities.

Students must complete the initial Bachelor degree within three years (or four years with honours), excluding any authorised periods of suspension, and achieve a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of at least 65.0 in each year of study in the first degree.

Further information

Further information about the Double Degree Program is available
on the web.