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Bachelor of Pharmacy

The Bachelor of Pharmacy is a full-time, four-year course. The degree may be awarded at the Pass or Honours level.


The major topics studied include chemical, physical, pharmaceutical and pharmacological properties of medicines and the application of these in the practice of pharmacy.

The first year is a foundation year in which you study biology and chemistry, and are introduced to pharmacy through foundation and social pharmacy studies.

The remaining three years are devoted to higher levels of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences together with specialised clinical pharmacy studies. Practical experience in a variety of clinical settings including hospital and community pharmacy is emphasised, particularly in the third and fourth years.

Optional majors are :

  • industrial
  • international.
Assumed knowledge, Prerequisites and Corequisites

Where a first year subject has a level of assumed knowledge, this will be shown in the unit of study table.

To be eligible to enrol in second-year, third-year and fourth-year units of study, students must have completed the prerequisite unit(s) of study. Any corequisite unit(s) of study not previously completed must be taken concurrently (see units of study table).