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Nutrition and Metabolism

Study in the area of Nutrition and Metabolism is taught by the School of Life and Environmental Sciences in the Faculty of Science. Units of study in this major are available at standard level.

Program structure and content

The School of Life and Environmental Sciences teaches Nutrition and Metabolism to Science and Medical Science students at the Senior level. Students who complete this major and relevant studies in physiology in an undergraduate degree fulfil the minimum requirements for an application for entry into the Master of Nutrition and Dietetics degree. Refer to the relevant department/school entries for descriptions of other units required for this major.

First year planning for a Nutrition and Metabolism major

Essential: MBLG1001/1901/1991 and 12 credit points of Junior CHEM.
Recommended: 6 credit points of Junior BIOL.

Intermediate units of study

The Intermediate units of study required for Nutrition and Metabolism are BCHM2072/2972 and 6 credit points from (MBLG2071, MBLG2971, BCHM2071, BCHM2971). BMedSc students have other requirements. Please refer to Table IV - Bachelor of Medical Science.

Senior units of study

The Senior program consists of:

  • NUTM3001 Introductory Nutrition and Metabolism, and
  • NUTM3004 Metabolic Cybernetics

Requirements for a major

To obtain a major in Nutrition and Metabolism it is essential that students complete both NUTM3001 and NUTM3004 and any two of the following (totalling 12 credit points):

  • BCHM3071/3971 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry – Genes
  • BCHM3081/3981 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry – Proteins
  • BCHM3072/3972 Human Molecular Cell Biology
  • BCHM3082/3982 Medical and Metabolic Biochemistry
  • PHSI3009/3909 Frontiers in Cellular Physiology
  • PHSI3010/3910 Reproduction, Development and Disease


In order to study Nutrition and Metabolism in an Honours year, eligible students can enrol in the Nutrition and Metabolism Honours Program at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences.

Contact/further information

Dr Kim Bell-Anderson
Room 3213, School of Life and Environmental Sciences

T +61 2 9351 6267

School Office
Charles Perkins Centre Education and Research Hub D17
University of Sydney
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