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The School of Mathematics and Statistics is situated in the Faculty of Science. Units of study in this major are available at standard and advanced level.

Program structure and content

The School of Mathematics and Statistics offers units of study in applied mathematics, mathematical statistics and pure mathematics.

The Junior (1XXX) units of study cover a range of topics in mathematics and statistics and are offered at several levels, viz. Introductory, Fundamental, Regular, Advanced and the Special Studies Program (SSP), to suit various levels of previous knowledge.

Intermediate (2XXX), Senior (3XXX) and Honours (4XXX) units of study are mostly provided within one of the subject areas of applied mathematics, mathematical statistics and pure mathematics.

Advanced units have more stringent prerequisites than standard units, and are significantly more demanding. Although the precise requirements vary from unit to unit, it is generally inadvisable for a student who has not achieved a credit average in intermediate level mathematics to attempt an advanced senior mathematics unit.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics provides a range of senior units of study in the Science Subject Area MATH. Students wishing to obtain a major in mathematics need to take at least 4 units of senior mathematics. To proceed to Honours in either Applied Mathematics or Pure Mathematics, students must have a major in mathematics. Honours entry is further restricted to students attaining a sufficiently high average mark in their senior year. Students interested in doing Honours should consult the School to find out the precise details, and obtain advice on an appropriate senior year program.

As well as majors in Mathematics and Statistics, the school offers a major in Financial Mathematics and Statistics. The precise requirements for this major can be found in Table 1.

First year planning for a Mathematics major

12 credit points of Junior Mathematics are generally needed to enrol in Intermediate units of study in Mathematics. Students intending to major in Mathematics should take at least 12 credit points of Intermediate Mathematics. Recommended: 12 credit points of MATH1001/1901/1906, MATH1002/1902, MATH1003/1903/1907, MATH1004 and MATH1005/1905, and 36 other Junior credit points.

Requirements for a major

For a major in Mathematics, the minimum requirement is 24 credit points from the senior units of study listed in this subject area listed in Table 1.


Students may take honours in Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics or Mathematical Statistics. In all cases, assessment is by a combination of coursework (~60%) and a project (~40%). While the three divisions offer courses separately, the honours program is flexible and students are encouraged to consult their course coordinator if they are interested in taking a course from another division.

Honours contacts

Applied Mathematics contact:
Dr Robert Marangell

T +61 2 9351 5795

Pure Mathematics contact:
A/Professor Laurentiu Paunescu
T +61 2 9351 2969

Contact/further information

School of Mathematics, Level 5, Carslaw Building F07

First year enquiries email:

Other undergraduate enquiries email:
All enquiries phone: +61 2 9351 5804 or +61 2 9351 5787