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Dean of Science, Trevor Hambley

Study in the sciences can take you anywhere – where do you want to go? Your science studies can start your journey to become a scientist or science-based professional in the 21st century. Or your scientific expertise can be a highly valuable foundation for a vast array of other careers.

You will discover how you can play a key role in the sustainable development of our planet and society. As our energy sources change, we must tackle the problems of conservation and development of new and existing sources. Science disciplines seek to prevent and cure diseases, and are critical for understanding human behaviour, natural resources and ecosystems.

The very essence of science is discovery. Discover how you can make your mark in areas such as nanoscience, optics, genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, mathematics, psychology or geosciences. In the coming decades, we will continue to see as yet unimaginable developments in the sciences, and new scientific fields will come to light.

Your training in the sciences involves not only acquiring new knowledge, but also applying findings to improve our world, and developing the critical reasoning and problem-solving skills required to use scientific knowledge wisely. It will equip you with the ability to contribute to the new frontiers in science discovery.

Well-trained, critical and creative scientists are hugely valued in our society. The University of Sydney is a world leader in scientific research and our research-led teaching programs are of the highest standard. We offer courses that cover a range of specialist options, as well as broad science programs with in-built flexibility that allow you to find your area of interest. Your first year in the faculty will involve a broad-based introduction in which you will be encouraged to develop your own scientific interests. This approach of combining a knowledge of the fundamentals with specialist training is recognised widely as the best available.

We also offer courses at a variety of levels to suit your needs – whether you wish to develop a foundation in the sciences or are seeking a challenge in our Advanced and Talented Student Programs (TSP).

I hope you will choose to study in the sciences with us at the University of Sydney, in an institution that has wonderful staff, an outstanding teaching and research base, and many of the most exciting courses available in Australia.

Trevor Hambley