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Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education)

The Course Learning Outcomes for Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education) are as follows:


Course Learning Outcome


Critically reflect on the role of HPE teachers to enhance learning outcomes for students from diverse backgrounds in a range of settings and enact socially just pedagogy


Examine and apply relevant knowledge from a range of disciplines to inform professional practice


Demonstrate and apply knowledge of evidence-based, inclusive and effective Health and Physical education


Demonstrates ability to use opportunities for professional growth by undertaking research to develop their own professional practice and contribute to individual and social change through Health and Physical Education.


Apply culturally appropriate practices in HPE 


Demonstrate understanding of the historical shifts in the meaning and value of health and physical education within schools


Demonstrate ability to present a clear and coherent exposition of knowledge and ideas to support the place of health and physical education within schools


Work ethically, inclusively and collaboratively in partnership with professional colleagues, students, families and communities in ways that recognize and promote diversity