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Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education)

Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education) offers students a four-year full-time specialist professional qualification to teach in the key-learning area of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and a second key learning area. The program will teach initial grounding in four HPE strands: Health, Physical Education, Sports Science, and Professional Practice.

In addition Community engagement and service learning opportunities are embedded in the HPE degree to promote active engagement and motivation of pre-service teachers that deepens their understanding of health, physical education, physical activity, teaching, coaching, and leadership. This program requires students to undertake service learning opportunities across all four years of their degree. The program directly reflects the requirements of the Professional Engagement domain of the Professional Teaching Standards, whereby pre-service teachers are required to ‘expand their professional learning’. Students will be encouraged by the program to build relationships with, and contribute to educational and community organisations, and therefore develop a deeper connection with these communities than can be achieved by practicum alone.

While the course is dedicated mostly to teaching PDHPE in the secondary-school context, other examples of career opportunities include corporate training and human resource settings, community health, coaching, recreation, and sport.

Degree Requirements and Structure

Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education)

To qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Education (Health and Physical Education) degree, students must complete 192 credit points in total, comprising:

  • A total of 108 credit points Curriculum and Professional Studies units;
  • 12 credit points of Education One units;
  • 24 credit points of units of study in a second teaching area chosen from Arts and Social Sciences Table A or Table B or Science Table 1 or Section 2 of the Business School Table;
  • 12 credit points of General Education or 12 credit points of 1000-level units of study, chosen from Science Table 1;
  • 12 credit points of Education Two units;
  • 18 credit points of teaching area units;
  • 6 credit points of Health and Physical Education Four Optional units.

The enrolment pattern of requirements can be found on the Health and Physical Education unit of study table.


Education Honours is an integrated program undertaken during the final three semesters of an undergraduate degree. It consists of two enrolled units Education Honours Preliminary and Education Honours dissertation.

Contact and further information

Sydney School of Education and Social Work


Students may visit the Office of Professional Engagement and Program Support:
Room 307, Level 3, Education Building A35. The office is open Monday to Thursday 11am–3pm and Friday 11am–1pm

Example pathway

Units of Study 

Year 1

Sem 1

EDUF1018 Education, Teachers and Teaching

EDHP1001 Physical Education 1 (+ 10 day school placement) 

EDGU1004 Young People, Sex and Sexual Health OR EDGU1003 Diet and Nutrition 

2nd teaching area 1000-level units of study (6cps) 



Sem 2

EDUF1019 Human Development and Education

EDUH1006 Identifying Health Determinants

EDGU1003 Diet and Nutrition OR EDGU1005 Sports Coaching

2nd teaching area 1000-level units of study (6cps)


Year 2

Sem 1

EDUF2006 Educational Psychology

EDHP2001 Physical Education 2

EDHP2002 Professional Practice for HPE 1 (+15 days prof exp for HPE) 

EDLN2000 LANTITE Undergraduate

2ndteaching area 2000-level units of study (6cps) 

 Sem 2

EDUF2007 Social Perspectives on Education

EDHP2003 Health of Young People

EDHP2005 Sport Science for HPE 1

EDHP2007 Service Learning and Community Engagement

2ndteaching area 2000-level units of study (6cps)

Year 3

Sem 1

EDUF3031 Positive Approaches to Special Education

EDHP3001 Physical Education 3

EDHP3002 Health Equity Across the Populations

Curriculum 1 (2nd Teaching area)


 Sem 2

EDUF4044 Reading & Applying Educational Research OR EDUF4020 Education Honours Preliminary

EDUF3023 Sport: Contemporary Educational Issues

EDHP3003 Prof. Practice for HPE 2 (+20 days integrated prof exp)

EDHP3005 Service Learning and Community Engagement

Curriculum 2 (2ndTeaching area)

Year 4

Sem 1

EDSE4052 Aboriginal Education: Secondary Schools

EDHP4002 Physical Education 4

EDHP4001 Sport Science for HPE 2

Curriculum 3 (2nd Teaching area)



Sem 2

EDHP4006 Advanced Practitioner Research OR EDUF4021 Education Honours Disseration

EDHP4004 Professional Engagement and Leadership

EDHP4003 Health Promotion in Community Health

EDHP4000 Service Learning and Community Engagement

EDHP4005 Professional Practice for HPE 3 (+35 days integrated professional experience)