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Diploma of Arts

Degree structure and Requirements

Diploma of Arts

To qualify for the award of the Diploma of Arts, a candidate must successfully complete 48 credit points chosen from any of the subject areas listed below, which may include an optional major or minor.

Majors and minors

A major consists of 48 credit points in a single subject area. A minor consists of 36 credit points in a single subject area.

In the Diploma of Arts, students may select to complete a major or a minor from the specified Table A subject areas (above) offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Arts to fulfil the requirements of their degree.

Pre-2018 Curriculum students

Students who started their current degree prior to 2018 should follow the requirements (such as 36cp majors) listed in the handbook of the year they commenced the degree.

For example, a student who started their Bachelor of Arts in 2017 should follow the 2017 Handbook requirements. Handbooks for previous years are located in the Handbook Archive.

Available units of study will appear in the unit of study enrolment task screens in Sydney Student.


Students enrolled in the Diploma of Arts can complete elective units of study from the subject areas specified above from Table A (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). The available units of study are listed in the Table A Subject Areas of this handbook.