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School of Computer Science

Computers and technology permeate all aspects of business and social life. They are central to solving many of the big challenges facing society and are capable of affecting the lives of millions of people worldwide in a positive way. Professionals and researchers in these areas find innovative solutions, build scalable infrastructure, develop new products, manage data, improve efficiencies and facilitate communication. With a computational perspective on problem solving, designing systems and understanding human behaviour, they can apply these ideas and techniques to a number of disciplines including business, engineering, natural and social sciences and the humanities.

Our degree programs computing prepare you to operate as a professional at the cutting edge of information technology. With a combination of teaching and practical experience, you will be able to create, manage or administer applications, websites and systems for new and established organisations across any industry or, depending on your level of study, move into management roles.

At the undergraduate level, the School of Computer Science offers the following programs.


The School of Computer Science offers the following degrees:

  • The Bachelor of Advanced Computing. Its normal duration is four year (192 credit points).
  • The Bachelor of Computing. This is an exit option only. Its normal duration is three years (144 credit points).

In addition, the school offers the following combined degrees:

  • Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Bachelor of Commerce (BAdvComp/BCom) (240 credit points)
  • Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Bachelor of Science (BAdvComp/BSc) (240 credit points)