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Bachelor of Engineering Honours


Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Engineering elective units of study

General Elective Unit Table

History and Philosophy of Engineering
6      Semester 1
Industry and Community Projects
6    A Upper-level disciplinary knowledge. Required knowledge will vary by project.

Note: Department permission required for enrolment

Intensive December
Intensive February
Intensive January
Intensive July
Semester 1
Semester 2
Introduction to Chemical Engineering
6    A HSC Mathematics and Chemistry
N ENGG1800 OR CIVL1900 OR MECH1560 OR AERO1560 OR AMME1960 OR BMET1960 OR MTRX1701 OR ENGG1960
Semester 1
Practical Intro to Electrical Engineering
6    A HSC Physics and Mathematics
Semester 2
The following units are approved as general electives for Bachelor of Engineering Honours students, provided that students are able to meet the enrolment requirements specified by the relevant faculty and provided that the unit of study is not substantially the same as a unit of study already completed.
(1) Any units of study available to undergraduate students offered by the Faculties of Engineering and Information Technologies, Science, Arts and Social Sciences, or the Sydney Business School.
(2) Any other units of study approved by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies Courses Committee.
(3) Any units of study approved by the Dean (or his/her delegate in these matters), or by the relevant Head of School or Program Director, on a case by case basis upon application by the student.