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School of Electrical and Information Engineering

With rapid transformation occurring across industries and a greater emphasis on green technologies, electrical engineers are set to play a vital role in building our future society.

Electrical engineers design, develop, install and maintain systems in areas as diverse as computer systems, power systems, electronics and telecommunications. They also deal with computer architecture, digital communications, embedded systems, instrumentation, lasers, microelectronics, microwaves and antennas, optical communications, satellite mobile communications, signal processing and systems design.

As an electrical engineering graduate, you will have the opportunity to positively contribute to many of today's challenges including climate change, environmental preservation, sustainability, renewable energy generation and healthcare.

Electrical engineering programs provide the scientific, mathematical and engineering foundations required to design systems across diverse areas like satellite communications, high-performance computing, telecommunications, signal processing, energy generation and biomedical engineering.

Software engineering involves all aspects of software production from the strategy and design to coding, quality and management of large scale, complex software systems.

With the growth in cloud computing and the increasing demand for sophisticated business solutions which access massive databases across wide networks, the need for highly-skilled software engineers is growing rapidly.

Software Engineering programs include foundation studies in mathematics, computer science and computer system principles, on which further studies in software design, development, security and management are built, including programming languages, databases, operating systems and enterprise and internet scale systems.

The School of Electrical and Information Engineering offers the following Bachelor of Engineering Honours degree streams:

  • Electrical
  • Software, and
  • Combined degrees with Science (including Medical Science), Commerce, Arts, Project Management and Law.