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Bachelor of Design Computing and Bachelor of Design Computing/Bachelor of Advanced Studies


This program teaches you to recognise the value of your ideas, and how to ensure others will too. You will be trained in ideation — the ability to solve real world problems by conceptualising, empathising, and evaluating various design solutions. Your ideation will be matched with skills in implementation: how to use software and devices to make your ideas into reality.

Design Computing teaches a whatever-it-takes, human-centred approach to designing technology. It’s the approach industry leaders like Apple and Google use to dream up new interactive products, services and experiences. This degree will make you a creative problem solver, preparing you to join these industry leading companies, or to start the next one.

Design Computing teaches you ways of thinking that have been proven effective for inventing elegant, commercially viable products and services. You will learn to manage a team of creators, working in a studio model that puts the focus firmly on your expression and your solutions. You will be empowered through a toolbox of skills in user experience, interaction design, graphic design, product design, and creative coding. Most importantly, you will be taught to recognise what tools are needed for specific social and commercial challenges and to use those skills to produce unique, innovative solutions.

The combined Bachelor of Design Computing/Bachelor of Advanced Studies degree lets students combine the depth of the Design Computing program with the breadth of education available across the University of Sydney. Advanced Studies double-degree students will use their elective units in the Design Computing program, plus a fourth year of study, to complete a second Major from anywhere on campus. The interdisciplinary nature of this unique double degree will prepare you for the rapidly changing nature of industry and the future of work in the digital economy.

The Bachelor of Design Computing can also be extended with a fourth year of Honours study. Honours is an opportunity for students to engage with the rigour and depth of the research world. It can serve as an entry point into higher degree research, and is increasingly being recognised by industry as a valuable indicator of the critical thinking skills prized by employers.