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Master of Urban Design

Over the last century, urban design has gradually emerged as a distinct field in response to:

  1. the need for architects and urban and regional planners to communicate efficiently.
  2. the need for better design skills at urban scales: streets, street blocks, town centres, city districts, new suburbs, cross-city infrastructure.

Since that time, urban design has expanded enormously. Today, professionals with good urban design knowledge and skills are much sought after by:

  • private consulting firms,
  • development organisations, and
  • local and state governments

In practice, urban designers are involved with a range of professional activities including but not limited to:

  • prepare and evaluate urban design policies, strategies, frameworks, guidelines, concepts, master plans and programs, as well as being involved in the more detailed design and management of urban spaces.
  • assisting in designing for specific sites by providing a better appreciation of urban structure and context.
  • contributing to development evaluation and enhancing perspectives on urban conservation