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Master of Architecture

Aims of the Master of Architecture

The Master of Architecture program focuses on preparing students for the complex and challenging role of the professional architect. The program centres on design studios, supported by taught units in history and theory, advanced architectural technologies, and practice. In addition, there are a wide range of elective units for students to extend their knowledge and skills into other related areas.

The basic aims of the professional Master of Architecture program are to provide the knowledge, skills and experience to equip the graduate architects. The current practice of architecture is extraordinarily diverse and complex; and no course can provide in depth training for all areas of practice. It is therefore essential that students obtain from the course a firm grounding in fundamentals, an ability to think creatively and logically, and a capacity to explore for themselves those areas they wish to pursue in detail.

The Master of Architecture program will enable the student to:

  • gain knowledge and skills necessary to become an architect, noting the increasing complexity and diversity of the architect's role.
  • satisfy, where possible, the demands of the professional and statutory bodies for entry to the professional institute and to qualify for registration, with minimal additional examination. The contribution of the program is determined within the context of the university's academic independence in the judgements it makes on the education it provides.
  • experience a range of cultural, technical and theoretical approaches to the production and understanding of architecture.
  • be exposed to and acquire a range of knowledge and skills that will result in graduates who can provide the community with the highest quality of architecture, including the ability to think clearly and critically, and to make reasoned judgements.