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Bachelor of Design in Architecture

Enrolment guide

To qualify for the Bachelor of Design in Architecture degree, students must fulfil the requirements specified by the resolutions of Senate and the school. All students should familiarise themselves with the course resolutions as stated later in this handbook and monitor their own progress in reference to them. The following points summarise the resolutions but do not replace them.

Summary of requirements

To qualify for the award of the pass degree, candidates need to:

  • maintain a full-time enrolment. 24 credit points per semester is a normal full-time load, 18 is the minimum and 30 is the maximum
  • successfully complete 144 credit points. 102 of these are made up of core units of study as described in Table A
  • successfully complete at least 12 credit points from the school electives as described in Table A.
  • not complete more than 30 credit points from units of study offered by other faculties and
  • successfully complete the remaining elective units of study from those listed in Table A

Students may, with the permission of the unit coordinator concerned, enrol in elective units of study from the school's tables of graduate units, provided they have completed at least 96 credit points with a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 70.

Progression in the Bachelor of Design in Architecture

Students must pass ALL core units of study to complete the Bachelor of Design in Architecture degree. To manage this, the school has created a series of thresholds through which students must pass before progressing to the next stage.

Architecture Studio

The Architecture Studio units of study are central to the Bachelor of Design in Architecture and the teaching of them is structured in such a way that the knowledge and skills gained in one semester build on those from previous semesters. It is necessary to pass Architecture Studio 1A before proceeding to Architecture Studio 1B and Architecture Studio 2A before you proceed to Architecture Studio 2B and so on. A fail result in any Studio unit of study will prevent progression to the following one, causing a 12-month delay in a student’s studies.

Architectural History and Theory, Technologies and Art Workshops

Architectural History and Theory, Technologies and Art Workshop units of study are also core to the degree. There are a number of units of study in each of these subject areas that must be taken in sequence. For example it is necessary to complete Architectural Technologies 1 before undertaking Architectural Technologies 2. If a student fails a unit of study in a particular subject area they must attempt it again in a subsequent year, but will be permitted to advance to the next year of the degree in subject areas for which they have passed all prerequisites.

Master of Architecture prerequisite unit of study

Students wishing to proceed to the Master of Architecture must complete BDES3025 Architectural Professional Practice, as stated above. There are other conditions for entry to the Master of Architecture. Prospective students should refer to the information for that degree.


To qualify for admission to the honours degree candidates must satisfy the requirements for the pass degree with a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 70. The one year honours degree is only offered in full-time mode, requiring successful completion of 48 credit points, culminating in a research thesis. Refer to the honours section of this handbook for further information.

Bachelor of Design in Architecture enrolment planner

Bachelor of Design in Architecture

Year 1   Credit
Semester 1    
BDES1011 Architectural History/Theory 1 6
BDES1026 Architecture Studio 1A 12
  Elective* 6
Semester 2    
BDES1023 Architectural Technologies 1 6
BDES1027 Architecture Studio 1B 12
  Elective* 6


Year 2
Semester 1    
BDES2013 Architectural Technologies 2 6
BDES2026 Architecture Studio 2A 12
  Elective* 6
Semester 2    

Art Processes


Architecture Studio 2B

  Elective* 6


Year 3   Credit
Semester 1    
BDES3011 Architectural History/Theory 3 6
BDES3026 Architecture Studio 3A 12
  Elective* 6
Semester 2    
BDES3025 Architectural Professional Practice# 6
BDES3037 Architecture Studio 3B 12
  Elective* 6


# indicates recommended elective
* indicates free elective