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Welcome from the Dean

Dean of Veterinary Science, Professor Rosanne Taylor

Welcome to the Faculty of Veterinary Science. As a high achiever, you have made an excellent choice to study at the University of Sydney. Your education will be transformative. We are committed to helping you realise your dreams of contributing to society as a veterinarian or animal scientist. The faculty’s distinctive, internationally accredited programs will set you apart, equipped with the latest scientific knowledge, professional skills and well-practiced expertise needed for career success. Learning from our prize-winning teachers and research leaders, alongside some of Australia’s best students is just part of what makes Sydney special.

Our alumni network, farm placements and veterinary partners offer unique professional learning opportunities matching student interests and provide mentoring and encouragement. Participating in this rich and varied learning and co-curricular experience, you’ll find your passion, you’ll make great friends and form a network of colleagues for life.

At the University of Sydney students benefit from learning in a veterinary school that was ranked as first in the Southern Hemisphere, first in Australia/NZ and 11th worldwide. Our excellence stems from a passionate commitment to the health, wellbeing and productivity of animals and recognises the vital roles animals play in our lives. Our graduates are highly respected for making their mark, globally, in veterinary practice, public service, animal and biomedical research, academia and the media, their success is the best advertisement for our programs.

The University of Sydney was founded in 1850 as one of the world's first Universities to admit students on merit, regrdless of background, and draws upon its proud tradition of excellence, leadership and contribution to our community to make a difference in the communities we serve. Our faculty’s mix of heritage and new buildings on our Camperdown Campus and our rural campus at Camden speak to our history and students enjoy state of the art facilities, like the Charles Perkins Centre, for teaching, research and clinical learning. We are preparing for the future, producing graduates equipped with cultural competence, communication skills, leadership capability, as well as professional expertise to tackle the “wicked” global challenges of food security, biosecurity, wildlife, conservation, animal and human health and the welfare of animals.

There are real benefits to be gained from learning from our active researchers and teachers. Students participate in a broad range of research placements and projects in Australia and abroad, a vital part of the distinctive Sydney experience. Our veterinary teaching hospitals are where you will apply the latest in technology for the care of small animals, wildlife, livestock and horses.

Be prepared to contribute your ideas and feedback as we strive to be our best. Our staff are committed to creating innovative, effective learning experiences which incorporate global perspectives. They provide support and guidance with learning and the challenges of student life. Please ask and we will help you find the caring advice and support you need.

Graduates are entering the profession at an exciting time and are sought after for the fresh perspectives and current knowledge they bring to the animal industries and veterinary practice. A commitment to lifelong learning and critical inquiry are distinctive features of Sydney graduates that stem from our passion for research and self-improvement.

Once again, we are very pleased to have you with us, as part of our faculty 'family'. We are here to help you as you take the first steps on your journey to becoming a veterinary or animal science professional. You are a colleague, now working with us on a noble and rewarding mission: the care, management and welfare of animals.

Professor Rosanne Taylor