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Master of Management Structure

Degree structure - Master of Management

To be awarded the Master of Management, student complete units of study totalling 60 credit points, comprising:

  • 42 credit points in core units of study;
  • a 12 credit point business project; and
  • a 6 credit point capstone unit of study.

Core units of study

Students must complete seven (42 credit points) core units of study from the following options:

  • MMGT6001 Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • MMGT6003 Accounting and Financial Management
  • MMGT6004 Managing People and Organisations
  • MMGT6008 Global Marketing Management
  • MMGT6011 Team Work and Innovation
  • MMGT6012 Business Tools for Management
  • MMGT6013 Project Management in Context
  • MMGT6014 Business in China.

Note. Other units of study may be substituted for the core units of study listed above with the permission of the Academic Program Director.

Business project

Students must complete 24 credit points of core units prior to enrolling in the Business Project.

  • MMGT6101 MMGT Business Project (12 credit points)

Capstone unit of study

Students complete the capstone unit in their final semester of study.

  • MMGT6100 Advanced Management Applications