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Postgraduate research

The University of Sydney Business School offers two higher degrees by research: the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Master of Philosophy (MPhil).

The research degree year is split into four Research Periods rather than two semesters to give candidates great flexibility once enrolled in the program. The research periods are as follows:

Research Period Duration of Research Period
One 1 January to 28 February
Two 1 March to 30 June
Three 1 July to 30 September
Four 1 October to 31 Decemeber

Application Procress

The Business School has two intakes a year in Research Period 2 and Research Period 3.


Prospective students complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form and forward with attachments to The University of Sydney Business School Research Unit. This allows the School to check that students meet the minimum academic entry requirements for the research program; that the School has the resources to support student's research project to completion; and that suitable supervision is available.

Deadlines for the EOI
For commencment in: EOI* lodgement date
Research Period 2 1 September
Research Period 3 1 March

*A complete EOI must be lodged by the deadline above. This means all required documents must attached.

Outcome of the EOI

Successful applicants will be invited to complete a formal application (see below).


  • Unsuccessful applicants will be ineligible to apply and provided with a reason for their unsuccessful EOI application.

Formal application

Steps in the application process
Step 1 The applicant finds their course and applies online
Step 2 The application is initially checked by Admissions staff. If the application is complete it is forwarded to the Business School Research Unit. All international students must provide proof that the English language requirement is met at this stage. Note: incomplete applications cannot be processed and will not move past this stage until requested documents are provided.
Step 3 Business School Research Unit checks the application and obtains required approvals.
Step 4 Offer letter is issued by the Admissions Team.

Induction program

All new PhD and MPhil candidates within the Business School undertake a formal induction program which establishes a sense of belonging to the Business School and a sense of cohesion as a group of research students. This induction includes an introduction to the role and expectations of supervisors; strategies to underpin progress and completion of the research thesis; and training in the efficient use of documents, databases and library facilities.

Research facilities

The Business School has excellent research facilities to assist research candidates.

  • The Research Centre – this area consists of both carrels and workstations. It also has printing, photocopying, phone, lounge area and kitchen facilities. The Research Centre is located in the Economics and Business Building and access is available for students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Fisher Library contains significant collections relevant to the work of the Business School. There are 400 computer terminals connected to the campus broadband network. In addition, postgraduate students may obtain 24-hour access to the Computer Laboratory in the Merewether Building.
  • Email accounts and internet access are also available, along with a number of computer packages, securities price files, company annual reports, historical records, legal services, and stock exchange services.

Further Information

Prospective students should contact the Business School's Research Unit.